Er is geen beschrijving beschikbaar voor dit resultaat vanwege de robots. The fruit flavored cup that tricks the brain into thinking your plain water is flavored. Terwijl je eet of drinkt, laat The Right Cup geurstoffen vrijkomen.

Je houdt niet van water en zal altijd opteren voor een bruisend smaakvol alternatief, dan is The Right Cup wel iets voor jou. The Right Cup is advertised as a plastic, BPA-free vessel infused with aromatic flavors that you can both smell and taste when you drink water . The Right Cup Water Price Comparison, Prijs Trends voor The Right Cup Water als referentie. Koop The Right Cup Water aan lage prijzen op Aliexpress.

The mind-bending beaker that tricks your brain into thinking water tastes like juice: £Right Cup uses fruity aromas to confuse the senses. The Right Cup uses fruit aromas to trick you into thinking your water tastes like fruit, helping you stay hydrated without sipping sugary drinks.

DUAL-HANDLE CUPS: The Precise Portions Show ‘N Tell Start-Right Cup and Lid Set comes with cups that each have handles, thus making it easy for your . Israeli startup The Right Cup tricks your brain into thinking plain water has a fruity taste, giving more incentive to choose water over sugary . The Real Cup’ fools your brain into thinking water is a sweetened beverage – without adding sugar. The Right Cup has developed a fruit-flavored cup that tricks the brain into believing plain water is flavored. The sensation of flavor from the combination of . The Right Cup is a glass with a scented inner lining that convinces you you’re drinking a sugary fruit juice instead of good old plain H2O. A self-proclaimed “sugar-fighter,” the founder and CEO of The Right Cup is taking on America’s addiction to sweetened beverages with the .