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Swiss Army Man seems like a film that decided to follow the same direction. From the first moments on, its main weapon is the bizarre scenes . Visit Swiss Army Man WEBSITE: swissarmyman.

Swiss Army Man is een Amerikaanse film uit 201 geschreven en geregisseerd door Daniel Scheinert en Daniel Kwan. Swiss Army Man is a 20American comedy-drama film written and directed by Dan Kwan and. Swiss Army knife and ends up slowly reanimating him from the dead.

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Discuss Swiss Army Man on our Movie forum! Geregisseerd door Dan Kwan en Daniel Scheinert. Met Paul Dano, Daniel Radcliffe en Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

Manny can not come to your rescue until you update your browser to the latest version. If so, the film you’re looking for is Swiss Army Man, the brilliantly bizarre new movie from first-time feature directors Daniel Kwan and Daniel . Swiss Army Man is mightily impressive for its commitment to its vision and its refusal to explain itself. If you only see one farting corpse movie this year. Swiss Army Man starring Paul Dano and Daniel Radcliffe.

Swiss Army Man movie reviews Metacritic score: Hank (Paul Dano) is stranded on a deserted islan having given up all hope of ever making it home again.

We have a Swiss Army Man review from the Sundance Film Festival, giving you our impression of the strange comedy starring Daniel Radcliffe . Once you get over the fact that the film starts with a literal butt-load of it. That’s the versatile genius (swiss army knife, anyone?) of the film itself. Wisely, the film doesn’t shy away from that provocative label. In its opening minutes, Swiss Army Man shows its protagonist Hank (Paul Dano) . Daniel Radcliffe, Paul Dano and the directorial duo behind ‘Swiss Army Man’ talk about one of the craziest movies in Sundance history.

Swiss Army Man is a comedy so head-scratching-ly surreal that even the Sundance Film Festival programmer introducing it on Friday afternoon . Review: ‘Swiss Army Man’ Is a Buddy Movie in Which One Pal Is Dead. Like the knife given a nod in the title, Manny’s floppy carcass is a . You’ve never seen a movie like Swiss Army Man. Whether you need a ride, a compass, a knife-han or a friend to lean on. Paul Dano discovers all the tools he needs for survival in Daniel Radcliffe’s multi-purpose corpse in this wildly weird desert island comedy from viral and music . Daniel Radcliffe plays a flatulent corpse whom a wilderness-stranded Paul Dano rides to safety in “Swiss Army Man,” an off-the-wall absurdist .