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Luxor Wasmachine onderdelen en accessoires – wm1010613110634630. WA121061144 LUXOR WA12106114wasmachine onderdelen. Elektrische schema Luxor wa 12wasmachine.

Part Final spin with i guess (i can’t find in the user manual how many rpm it makes on this cycle) 4rpm. Just a short clip of the main wash of cottons 90°C! Part here you can see and hear drain after prewash, add water for mainwash and start of mainwash! Part Drain after 3th rinse, and start the final (4th) rinse.

Tel: 10of 03foto 1: 94-siemens sivamat wasmachine kg 12toeren a+ €129. Foto2: 17-aeg oko lavamat wasmachine kg 1400 .

Download and view manual or user guide LUXOR WA 12A Washing machine online. Click here to go to download LUXOR WA 12A Washing machine for . Witgoed en Apparatuur Witte Luxor WA 12wasmachine. Luxor wa 12a: Wie snapt er wat van de programma’s?