Zummo z06

De Zummo Zis een compacte en zeer praktische volautomatische sinaasappelpers met een capaciteit van sinaasappels per minuut uitgevoerd in de . Our Zummo Z06C Model is a compact and highly versatile automatic juice squeezer for oranges, lemons. The Zis the most versatile model in Zummo’s range. It squeezes all kinds of citrus fruit as well as pomegranates so you can create original fruit juice blends. De zummo zbehoord tot de kleinste uit de zummo serie.

De Zummo sinaasappelpersen worden gekenmerkt door het unieke “hand made” perssysteem. Zummo Z06C Model is a compact automatic citrus fruit juicer designed for the Food Service industry and is recommended for establishments with limited space . Zummo’s Zautomatic citrus juicer is the best machine on the market for small to medium juicing operations offering the highest yield and versatility when . Zummo ZCompact Machines available from Zummo London throughout the UK. Being the official Zummo suppliers, contact our team today: 08576 . Zummo’s new Zjuicer is the smallest, most versatile and compact automatic citrus juicer on the market.

Based on the Zummo Zjuicer model, the ZCompact has a stainless steel drawer for collecting peels. Surprise your customers with original blends of juices. Ideal For establishments with restricted space serving more than juices a day.

Zummo ZThe most compact and versatile automatic juicer on the market.

Establishments where space is limited and that serve more than . Automatic Zummo Zjuicer for cafes and bars where space is limited. Ideal for the juicing of oranges, lemons, limes, mandarins and more. Zummo ZMachines available from Zummo London throughout the UK. Being the official Zummo suppliers, contact us today: 0855550. The Zummo Zcan handle all types and most sizes of citrus: oranges, naartjies, pomegranates (modification required), grapefruit, lemons and limes due to its . Wyciskarka ZUMMO Z- Zaskocz klientów oryginalną mieszanką soków!

Urządzenie do wyciskania wszystkich cytrusów. A juicing system that is unique and which is patented worldwide. The fruit is cut in half and squeezed without the juice coming into contact with . Offer your customers the finest orange juice they have ever tasted and generate a great profit margin with Zummo!