Table Stories is an extensive collection of porcelain and glass tableware filled with drawings of flowers, deer, squirrel, birds, bear, butterflies, horses, bunnies . Home ; Tableware ; Table Stories ; Plates. This collection is a rich graphic narrative on everyday ceramic plates, bowls and glasses.

My intention was to make a special collection of . Home ; Tableware ; Table Stories ; Mugs Cups. Beautiful Deep Soup Plates designed by Tord Boontje for Authentics of Germany. A discreet grey pattern on white, these plates show motifs (Deer in the Woods) .

Studio Tord Boontje Table Stories at Replacements, Ltd. Table Stories online pattern registration form, images of more than 4250china, crystal, . This elegantly designed table has a beautiful white varnished steel finish. The surface has a double varnished cycle to make it suitable for outdoor exposure, . Purchase designer TABLE STORIES Whiskey Glass Twin Set by Tord Boontje from our modern and inspiring designer home accessories.