A cast-iron pan makes whipping up a satisfying 30-minute supper, savory sides, or a crowd-pleasing dessert a snap. When you need to get a delicious dinner on the table in no time flat, there’s nothing better than a one-skillet supper recipe. Try one of these delicious and easy chicken skillet dinner ideas.

Marinated Chicken Recipes That Taste Amaze. If we coul we’d shout it from the mountain tops: We love cooking with cast iron. They’re durable, efficient, endlessly useful, and make a pretty . My favorite pan to cook in, by far and with no close runner-up, is my 35-year-old cast-iron skillet.

No kitchen is complete without a cast iron pan, and that’s especially true if you also own a grill. You can adapt just about any stovetop cast iron . I learned to clean my skillet immediately after cooking in it, with nothing more than a dish brush (sometimes I use a tiny bit of soap) and hot . Make everything from lasagna to oatmeal in your versatile, heat-retaining cast-iron skillet with tips from Food Network Kitchen.

Find healthy, delicious one skillet recipes for weight-loss from the food and nutrition experts at EatingWell. Use your cast-iron skillet in these delicious cast-iron recipes for dinner, side dishes and desserts. A cast iron skillet is a prized possession among Southern cooks. Seasoned with years of cooking and loving care, heirloom cast iron skillets and Dutch ovens . One—and perhaps the only—benefit of hipster-esque, back-to-the-land cooking is the resurgence of a collective love for cast-iron skillets.

Need a reason to put your rusty skillet to use? Tagged:skillet, super sizzling skillet recipes to make, sizzling recipes to make, skillet recipes. That’s why we’re so keen on these easy, healthy one-skillet meals.

Whether you’re cooking for one or a crow try out these tasty meals and . This guide will make cooking with cast iron a breeze! Cleaning and Seasoning Your Cast Iron Skillet. Cooking With a Cast-Iron Skillet is a group of recipes collected by the editors of NYT Cooking. If you’re looking for some savory dinner recipes that will have your family asking for seconds, try these cast iron skillet dinner recipes.

Make a homemade meal in one pot with these skillet recipes, meals and dinner ideas from Food.