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BABYCLON doll is platinum medical silicone, which is the most flexible, elastic and . Avatar living doll Na’vi babies go on the market and nobody’s sure what to. The silicone the babies are made from gives them an uncannily . They’re made by Babyclon, a company in Spain.

According to the company’s website, you can buy your own silicone Avatar baby, but it will set . We still haven’t decided if these Avatar babies are creepy, or awesome, or maybe a bit of both.

Spanish company Babyclon, which makes silicone babies, shared a video of its newest creation, modeled on the Na’vi from the hit movie . Sommigen vinden ze super schattig, anderen weer creepy. There is an online community called ‘reborning,’ which involves making and collecting extremely life-like baby dolls. A Spanish company called Babyclon makes these super realistic silicone baby dolls, and are soon rolling out the Avatar babies.

If you enjoy with silicone-baby-avatar-babyclon, please share with your friends, and if you want to see more info or images you can Back to . This wasn’t a thing we needed in this worl and yet here we are. Babyclon, a doll company specializing in realistic silicone baby dolls, has . A Hyper-real Avatar Baby Made Out of Silicone – You got to see this to believe it. Search for: silicone-baby-avatar-babyclon-19.

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