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FMR’s objectives for this pre-amp were: Really neutral sonics, . The Really Nice Preamp (RNP) is FMR Audio’s long-awaited follow-up to their Really Nice Compressor, hands down the best compressor for under $200. Recording engineers will fight constantly over which preamps are their faves,. RNP 83Pre-Amp – User reviewfeb 2012fmr – really nice preampjan 2007Metric Halo ULN-preamps vs.

The Really Nice Preamp by FMR Audio is one of those items that creates a stir in our community at studio-central. For those that have it, the little box gets high . You are here: Home; Archives; 2000s; 20Archives; February 2003; Test Drive: The Really Nice Compressor and the Really Nice Preamp . Engineers love to debate their favorite pieces of recording equipment, and when it comes to preamps, the debate can get pretty ruthless. Buy the FMR RNP83Really Nice Preamp at Full Compass. As a follow up to the RNC17compressor, the RNP83continues to deliver extremely hi-fidelity . True to it’s name – it’s a Really Nice Pre!

Een microfoon voorversterker die z’n naam niet gestolen heeft: de Really Nice Preamp. Er is bij het ontwerpen op geluid en kost gelet. For greater savings check out our Used FMR Audio Really Nice Preamp Microphone Preamp and get a great deal today! Before you scurry off to work on your studio tan (although if you’re in a real hurry, see See “Quickstart” on page 4.), I did want . See reviews and prices for the FMR Audio RNP83Really Nice Preamp, who is using it, how they are using it, and what they are saying about it on .