Jc le roux sparkling wine

Sparkling wine producer in the Devon Valley near Stellenbosch. Features descriptions of wines, a company overview, and tips about storage and serving. Le Roux Le Domaine Non-Alcoholic is an enchanting sparkling white that comes alive on the palate.

It has all the finesse, crisp freshness and gentle . This is a delightful sparkling wine that comes alive on the palate. It has all the finesse and freshness of a Sauvignon Blanc intertwined with the gentle sweetness . The House of JC Le Roux, the first and leading cellar dedicated.

French style, and fun loving sparkling wines to suit . South Africa’s sparkling wine specialists JC Le Roux have created a fabulous celebration wine here, with all the fizz and fun of a big name bubbly but with only . Le Roux sparkling wine, a Sauvignon Blanc, was made at in 198 followed by South Africa’s first Pinot Noir Méthode Cap Classique in 1985. Le Roux La Fleurette Rose Sparkling Wine Sauvignon Blanc NV cl. Le Roux is exclusively dedicated to the production of fine sparkling wines and is considered to be the leading house of sparkling wine in . A delightful sparkling wine that comes alive on the palate. Meticulous care has gone into making JC Le Roux Le Domaine – care which beins in the vineyard. Showing products and prices for jc le roux.

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Le Roux, South Africa’s first and leading cellar dedicated entirely to the art of making sparkling wine, is acclaimed . Le Roux, South Africa’s first and leading cellar. Le Roux, situated in the picturesque Devon Valley near. Low in alcohol, this is truly a sparkling wine to add exuberance to any occasion. Le Roux is South Africa’s only cellar dedicated entirely to the . This non-alcoholic sparkling white is made with the same care and dedication as the rest of the J. In the cellar, the juice of the two wines . JC Le Roux Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc 750ml. Buy Sparkling Wine from GETWINE, discount labelled and unlabelled online Wine retailers in.

Le Roux La Chanson is a lively, ruby-red sparkling wine.