I compare this to the sound of the JoeMeek C2. But the Meekbox makes more noise than the RNLA. FMR RNLAberichtenmei 2011FMR RNC vs FMR RNLA vs DBX 166berichtenjan 2009FMR Audio RNLA vs.

JoeMeek MC2berichtenjuni 2006FMR Audio’s RNC17vs. The FMR Audio RNLA Really Nice Levelling Amplifier at Front End Audio. This is a comparison video of the FMR RNC and RNLA. For more information on the RNC please visit .

FMR have improved on their classic designs as they turned them into. Thus, the RNLA’s Attack and Release knobs feature the legendary ‘Tufnell Scale’ that . The sound of the RNLA is described as ‘thick and gooey’ and FMR Audio say it works well with vocals, bass, acoustic guitar and stereo mixes. FMR RNLA: I reviewed the RNLA a few years ago, maybe around 200 and it was a negative review.

I said the RNLA distorts too easily with bass, even at slow . Buy FMR Audio RNLA 72Really Nice Levelling Amplifier Stereo Compressor: Compressors, Limiters Gates – Amazon.